Halloween Movie List: Trick r’ Treat

Now if you haven’t seen “Trick r’ Treat” you are definitely missing out. You might as well start digging your own grave……Im kidding. “Trick r’ Treat” is one of those movies that should have been in theaters but someone made a shit call and it didnt make it. Which is quite strange seeing as how Warner Bros. has their name on it.


This movie will give you a thirst for Halloween even in mid June. The way the movie connects different people in its story was beautifully done.


ALRIGHTY THEN! Letz get started. Trick r Treat picks up on every feeling you get from Halloween, the cryptic, awestruck stories left me wanting for more. The story about the bus of mentally challenged kids, the pack of werewolves (Very sexy by the way), the school principal with skeletons under his garden more then his closet., and the old man that hates Halloween. All these stories come together and give us an ending that leaves you cheering for more. Of course you can forget about the spirit of Halloween itself…Sam. Who kills anyone that doesnt celebrate Halloween as it should be celebrated.¬† So when Halloween swings around give out candy, dont blow out the Jack O’Lanterns, or pit away decorations until the night is over, if you want to live.
Watching this movie with my family has become a tradition in starting our October mischief. SO if you have not seen it I suggest you go out and get it before Sam come knocking at your door this coming  Halloween night.



For those who have been keeping up with my blog, you know about my book “RUN” now since I’m only in the first three chapters of this thriller, action book I was wondering if it would be a good idea to switch it over from being told in the first person to third person, or keep it in the first person. I love first person point of view because it almost makes the reader the main character int he story, but I also love third person because you are able to get into detail about the main character that you would be able to in the first person for example

First person- I began to levitate off the ground, I can feel myself being lifted like if something was pulling me up. I stretched out my arms while glaring at the evil that stood right infront of me. Pulling my arms back the church pues flew across the room ramming into this being and sending him flying into the back of the church.

Third person- As Adam stood before this man with evil pouring oout of his skin, he started to levitate. It seemed like something was pulling up off the ground as he didnt even motion his arms to fly. Adams eyes started to glow a bright green, his iris now pulsating green blast. He flung both arms out and lifted the church pues behind him. As the pues levitated in the air motionless Adam through his hands forward forcing one of the pues to slam into the evil entity and send it flying toward the back of the church.

You see the difference!? I just dont know what to do, Im stuuuuck, please comment and let me know what you think!