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Live action She-Venom oh my bejesus

Just stumbled across these fantastic Venom cosplay photos from the absolutely amazing Adam Jay of Superhero Photography.

Venom was a powerful alien symbiote in the Marvel universe that adapted and enhanced the powers of its human hosts, most notably Spider-Man.  She-Venom appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #375 as Ann Weying, ex-wife of then-Venom Eddie Brock.

Ann initially merged with the Venom symbiote to save her life, but ultimately came to a bad end in an effort to avoid the dark things the symbiote inspired her to do.

If you’d like to see more photos of model Freddie Nova in liquid latex as Venom – and really, who wouldn’t? – go see the complete gallery at Superhero Photography. While you’re at it, darlings, it’s worth taking a few moments to peruse Adam Jay’s portfolio of other fantastic cosplay.  Surprising no one, I’m personally rather a fan of the Girls that Geek collection.

(via Geekologie

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Halloween Movie List: Trick r’ Treat

Now if you haven’t seen “Trick r’ Treat” you are definitely missing out. You might as well start digging your own grave……Im kidding. “Trick r’ Treat” is one of those movies that should have been in theaters but someone made a shit call and it didnt make it. Which is quite strange seeing as how Warner Bros. has their name on it.


This movie will give you a thirst for Halloween even in mid June. The way the movie connects different people in its story was beautifully done.


ALRIGHTY THEN! Letz get started. Trick r Treat picks up on every feeling you get from Halloween, the cryptic, awestruck stories left me wanting for more. The story about the bus of mentally challenged kids, the pack of werewolves (Very sexy by the way), the school principal with skeletons under his garden more then his closet., and the old man that hates Halloween. All these stories come together and give us an ending that leaves you cheering for more. Of course you can forget about the spirit of Halloween itself…Sam. Who kills anyone that doesnt celebrate Halloween as it should be celebrated.  So when Halloween swings around give out candy, dont blow out the Jack O’Lanterns, or pit away decorations until the night is over, if you want to live.
Watching this movie with my family has become a tradition in starting our October mischief. SO if you have not seen it I suggest you go out and get it before Sam come knocking at your door this coming  Halloween night.

My September 11th


My September 11th…..

It was a beautiful sunday morning, It was only a few days into school the school year, and my first days of fourth grade. My class had started an earth science project and we paired up to study different rocks. As we picked up the first few rocks my lab partner and I were startled by our computer teacher running into our class room yelling “The Twin Towers has just collapsed.” It did’nt quite hit me, I wouldnt grasp onto what was happening until a few hours later.

All of my classmates ran to the windows and we could see smoke in the distance and people talking on thier cell phones below. My fourth grade teacher Mrs. Candelaria ran into the class room telling us to get away from the windows and sit in our seats. Her face was red, it wasnt anger but extreme sadness like if she was already crying. Little by little all of my friends started getting picked up by their parents then my father came for me. He already had my brother and I looked at his face which was completley frozen.

We started to walk home and I continued to ask my dad what happened but he just replied “Mom will tell you when we get home.” We walked about 5 blocks with fire engines, police cars, and ambulances zooming by us. As we walked up the stairs to our apartment my mother opened the door. “What are you guys doing home?” She didn’t know anything either, our television was out because we had no cable at the time. My dad teary eyed told her “We were bomed, we were attacked, the Twin Towers are gone.” My mom stood ahe nd laughed “What are you tlking about? The win Towers cant come down, there the tallest buildings. No one can knock them down” My dad walked to the living room and told her “No…..there gone, I watched the planes go into them. I saw them fall.”

My mother didnt believe him so he went and turned on his radio. The screams that echoed on our speakers trembled my body. My mother holding my baby sister fell onto the couch holding her head. She nearly fainted. Our downstairs neighbor Marie knocked on our door. my mom answered and Marie asked her if we were ok. My mom proceeded to ask her if it was possible to go down to her apartment to watch the news because she had cable. We all went down stairs I brought my cat beacuse I thought the world was actually ending. We all watched wide eyed as they replayed the planes hitting the towers. I didn’t know what to do, I was scared of what was happening. The days after I would have nightmares of planes being rammed down into the block I lived on.

Today I live in Pennsylvania, now 20 years old, out of highschool, going into college, I can still recall every moment of that day. September 11th 2001 was my nightmare it was an event that will live on in our memories. My 2 baby sisters now 12 and 2 dont really know anything about it, and its up to us the older generation to remind the younger generation of what happened.


I wonder if there is a billion ou there that can spare about $400,000. That would be excellent!  You see many people just have a shitload of money and do nothing but keep it to themselves without thinking of how much others need it. My family is going through some pretty hard times but I know there are families going through way worse. I dream of being able to help millions of homeless families in my future. I WILL NEVER become a money hungry bastard that only dreams of making more, taking more, and giving never. I wish I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. LIFE would be sooo much easier.


Horror has definitely come a long way, but the value of it is definitely going way down. As a child horror movies were part of my everyday life and still are, but the quality of the amount of work put into the production has decreased. I remember being a kid and having nightmares of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Though there was one movie in particular that got me for life.


“SCREAM” yes Scream, the movie that remade the horror genre. I actually didnt meet the Scream Franchise until “SCREAM 3”. While with my family pushing a cart into an old “BJ’s” store in Jersey the display case for Scream 3 caught my attention. I asked my mother to get it and she seemed reluctant at first but then declared it movie night and threw it into the cart.

SCREAM 2 Trailer


I was never so happy to see a movie. Watching “Scream 3” introduced me to the art of horror and of course Neve Campbell. I was hooked on the series since then, I made it my mission to watch the previous parts leading to part 3 and I eventually did.

SCREAM 3 Trailer


While growing up every opportunity I had to watch any of the parts I did. Then my sophomore year of high school rolled by and i decided to search up “SCREAM 4”. I jumped with excitement (while in biology class) as I read that Scream 4 was being written. I followed any info on it like a hawk. Then the day finally came, “SCRE4M” hit theaters and I couldnt be more excited. I was supposed to see it in theaters with a couple of friends but it disnt turn out to well. They felt Scream 4 wouldnt be entertaining. “The scream movies suck” as they would say. SCREAM 4 was awesome, I watched it well over 100 times in less then a month.
Then the worst happened, my CPU decided tl crash, thus losing my Scream 4 download. Today I continue to watch Scream and Scream 2, watching and listening for the words “SCREAM 5 in production”.

SCREAM 4 Trailer