Being Different, Annoying The Shit Out Of People

Now one of the perks of living in a close minded town full of hicks is the fact that anything you do that they dont consider normal annoys the shit out of them. About two years ago, my senior year in high s school, my hair was a rainbow of colors. Blue, green, purple, pink, cotton candy pink, then black. So I was on a roll with my hair coloring. One day my mum decides to order take out from this crappy restaurant in our town name fluffs deli. Where you can find hair stuffed into your burgers and fries with a side of love…. Assholes. Anyway I went in to pick up the food and the owner with her big ass self rings up my order and starts up a conversation. She tells me how she always see me walking across her store with a different hair color everyday. Then she says this…..”Whenever I see you with a different hair color I think to myself, Oh Ben must have nothing better to do today.”
I laughed it off and thought wow you stupid fat loser……you must have nothing better to do then wonder what I do. I left that eating establishment with no intention of ever going back, and I haven’t. Its been about two and half weeks and my hair has been a light blonde and TODAY! I finally have my hair a light blonde that its basically turning white. Now when I go outside I parade across that restaurant and all the other hick establishments with a smile on my face to annoy. …..Gods it feels good to be me.



For those who have been keeping up with my blog, you know about my book “RUN” now since I’m only in the first three chapters of this thriller, action book I was wondering if it would be a good idea to switch it over from being told in the first person to third person, or keep it in the first person. I love first person point of view because it almost makes the reader the main character int he story, but I also love third person because you are able to get into detail about the main character that you would be able to in the first person for example

First person- I began to levitate off the ground, I can feel myself being lifted like if something was pulling me up. I stretched out my arms while glaring at the evil that stood right infront of me. Pulling my arms back the church pues flew across the room ramming into this being and sending him flying into the back of the church.

Third person- As Adam stood before this man with evil pouring oout of his skin, he started to levitate. It seemed like something was pulling up off the ground as he didnt even motion his arms to fly. Adams eyes started to glow a bright green, his iris now pulsating green blast. He flung both arms out and lifted the church pues behind him. As the pues levitated in the air motionless Adam through his hands forward forcing one of the pues to slam into the evil entity and send it flying toward the back of the church.

You see the difference!? I just dont know what to do, Im stuuuuck, please comment and let me know what you think!




Porcelain Black…….previously known as Porcelain and The Tramps, is a rising star that has already made her mark. With Lil’ Wayne being featured on her single “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like” and Eminem being featured on “How Do You Love Someone” on her yet to be released album “Black Rainbow” It was said that “Mannequin Factory” and “Stealing Candy From A Baby” were to be released as singles yet her prod.¬† has not made any remark as to when these singles or her album are to be released.
Her label 2101 Records and producer RedOne will not release her album until she reaches 50,000 followers on twitter. So after you read this sign on to twiter and follow @porcelainblack.






RUN preview 1

This is a preview from a book I am currently writing.


The smell of dirt filled my nose, rain drops hitting a window and thunder booming across the sky. The cool mist hitting my face is what woke me. I laid there on the bed wondering where I was, who saved me? I sat up and looked over towards my left and saw my black jeans, the “My Chemical Romance” shirt my mom had gotten for me the previous holiday season, and my snake skin boots. I then realized I was in my underwear, my first reaction was to jump off the bed, get dressed and leave ASAP. I walked by a dresser with a huge mirror, and something was really wrong.
My face….it was normal, after what had happened I knew it would be a mess. My face, chest and stomach were clean of briuses and wounds from the excessive kicking, punching, and stabbing the previous night. How? How can this be?
Deciding to get dressed as quickly as I can, one question lingered in my mind. “What happened to Lynn’s family?”. If anything happened to them for helping me I would probably go on a killing spree until I was caught by the “Chosen Ones” and let them do what they wish.
I struggled getting my boots on and couldnt stop thinking about my… my family, I prayed to the Gods they were safe. I closed my eyes and wiped away a tear that dared to roll down my cheek. I jammed my foot into my boot then something rattled my thoughts. I heard someone else’s thoughts but they were just mumbles. Someone else was in the room with me and I could feel them behind me. I¬†clenched my fist ready to fight, then silence filled my head. Slowly standing up with only one boot on, with my body leaning more to the right side I gradually turned in, fear of what might be looking back at me. With my body turned I stood facing a dark corner, my mother always told me corners were where demon would hide so I was already freaking out. Unexpectedly the corner began to lighten up and my eyes focused on a pair of eyes staring back at me.

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Happy Tree Friends

Omg Happy Tree Friends how can you NOT like it? Its just beautiful. I think its really entertaining, and I dont understand all these parents getting all


It makes no sense, if you have a child you just cant assume that everything that sounds happy is going to be well….happy. You as a parent should look at what you put your children to watch. Dont you always tell them to never judge a book by its cover?


Happy Tree Friends is a cartoon in which tiny cartoon animals suffer brutal deaths. Its meant for an older audience and I for one become squeamish during some of scenes. But I dont comment on how it should banned.

Drinking in the New Millennium

I just dont get why teenagers, even friends my age love the idea of drinking. I mean it does nothing for you, it wont make you smarter, nor good looking. It makes you look stupid, seriously the only guy that can drink and pull it off is Captain Jack Sparrow.
People especially in my town only go to partys where liquor will be served, oh and no dancing of course. I recently had a drink, it was Ciroc mixed with Pineapple juice and ice. That one cup got me so loopy, and I just hated it. I never wanted to vomit more, Though I couldnt. Now drinking is one of those things where it should only be allowed to loosen people up so the party can kickoff. It shouldnt be a thing where your shoving cups of it down your throat with shots of vodka. I dont know, maybe its me maybe I hate losing that much control of my body. I can honestly say binge drinking is definitely not in my future. Its wierd because Ive drank before and its never been that bad. Ive had other mixes and I can function pretty good, but Ciroc is not for me. Lol I have no idea what it is but its some strong shit.