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Hello world! mmmmy name is Ben, I'm a guy with a huge imagination, and an aspiring everything. You have to dream big!!


I have a brand new blog up, gabeadam.wordpress.com its me breaking away from this childish blog. It features my short story series “INSANITY BLACK” so go over and give it a quick read. Thanks



The Gym….Dun Dun Duuuuunnn

Ok I started going to the gym about a month ago, and its very hard to actually have the want to go the first month because your not really seeing changes in your body until after that month. Now what keeps me going….is music. Oh man the right song will get me pumped, also the want to get out of the house for awhile. Now when I get to the gym I do 60 minutes of Cardio. Thats when you really need to get in the right mindset. I just daze off and listen to music, music does if course affect how well your workout goes, I really affects me. So before you start going to the gym make sure you have music that will get you going. Fast, hard beats with really catchy choruses seem to work for me. Heres my Gym Playlist….

Will.I.Am – Scream N Shout

TalkBack – Laugh Laugh

Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor, Invading My Mind

Ke$ha – We R Who We R, Blow, Die Young, Out Alive

Nayer – Suave

Porcelain Black – Naughty Naughty

Britney Spears – Till The World Ends, Hold It Against Me, Stronger

Being Different, Annoying The Shit Out Of People

Now one of the perks of living in a close minded town full of hicks is the fact that anything you do that they dont consider normal annoys the shit out of them. About two years ago, my senior year in high s school, my hair was a rainbow of colors. Blue, green, purple, pink, cotton candy pink, then black. So I was on a roll with my hair coloring. One day my mum decides to order take out from this crappy restaurant in our town name fluffs deli. Where you can find hair stuffed into your burgers and fries with a side of love…. Assholes. Anyway I went in to pick up the food and the owner with her big ass self rings up my order and starts up a conversation. She tells me how she always see me walking across her store with a different hair color everyday. Then she says this…..”Whenever I see you with a different hair color I think to myself, Oh Ben must have nothing better to do today.”
I laughed it off and thought wow you stupid fat loser……you must have nothing better to do then wonder what I do. I left that eating establishment with no intention of ever going back, and I haven’t. Its been about two and half weeks and my hair has been a light blonde and TODAY! I finally have my hair a light blonde that its basically turning white. Now when I go outside I parade across that restaurant and all the other hick establishments with a smile on my face to annoy. …..Gods it feels good to be me.

Live action She-Venom oh my bejesus

The Year of Halloween

Just stumbled across these fantastic Venom cosplay photos from the absolutely amazing Adam Jay of Superhero Photography.

Venom was a powerful alien symbiote in the Marvel universe that adapted and enhanced the powers of its human hosts, most notably Spider-Man.  She-Venom appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #375 as Ann Weying, ex-wife of then-Venom Eddie Brock.

Ann initially merged with the Venom symbiote to save her life, but ultimately came to a bad end in an effort to avoid the dark things the symbiote inspired her to do.

If you’d like to see more photos of model Freddie Nova in liquid latex as Venom – and really, who wouldn’t? – go see the complete gallery at Superhero Photography. While you’re at it, darlings, it’s worth taking a few moments to peruse Adam Jay’s portfolio of other fantastic cosplay.  Surprising no one, I’m personally rather a fan of the Girls that Geek collection.

(via Geekologie

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Halloween Movie List: Paranormal Entity

Oh my fucking god! Why wasnt this movie in theaters? I personally believe this movie is one hundred times better then the Paranormal Activity franchise. We have all seen Paranormal Activity I’m assuming and we all know how long it takes for the action to actually start. Paranormal Entity pretty much starts right away, and the events taking place are more intense then Paranormal Activity. My brother and I always argue over which one is better and I honestly cant see how someone can choose P.A over P.E.



Paranormal Entity starts off with a family of three, mom, bro and sis witha recently deceased father. This whole ideal starts when their mom felt like she made contact with her dead husband unaware that she has contacted something more malevolent. The whole feeling of the movie changes rapidly as it progresses, Toms sister Sam being tormented by “Maron” a name the entity calls itself. The being takes control of the mother quite often but doesnt seem to really try to affect Tom, thus leaving Tom to dig deeper into this evil. Paranormal Entity will have you looking over your shoulder as you walk around your home. I saw it in the daytime and afterwards I felt like something was watching me. This movie has way more action in it, and if you like Paranormal Activity you will LOVE Paranormal Entity. I guarantee it!!! Well thats all for now, Happy Hauntings.

Halloween Movie List: INSIDIOUS

If your looking for a movie that will get you paranoid, make you fear a dark room or a narrow hallway, then INSIDIOUS is the one for you. I’m not one thats easily scared by horror movies, but dammit this one will do it to me everytime. Not only is the storyline of this movie freaky but the BGM they use in it will make you want to close your eyes.



INSIDIOUS a movie about a boy who by mistake gets his soul/spirit trapped in another dimension. This dimension is where restless, evil entities dwell and wait to take control over the boys body. Creepy faces and intense moments fill the atmosphere of the movie. Unexpecting screams and shadows will force a blanket over your head lol. I watched this movie with my two siblings and a friend in the dark, and may I just say I did not want to get up from my comfy spot on the counch hidden between two pillows. This movied will put a scare in you. I will not go into futher details because if you have not seen it and are still reading, I WILL NOT ruin this movie for you. INSIDIOUS is filled with scares that anyone will want this October, but be careful.Watching this movie alone or even in the dark with friends will seriously fuck with your mind. You’ve been warned

Halloween Movie List: Trick r’ Treat

Now if you haven’t seen “Trick r’ Treat” you are definitely missing out. You might as well start digging your own grave……Im kidding. “Trick r’ Treat” is one of those movies that should have been in theaters but someone made a shit call and it didnt make it. Which is quite strange seeing as how Warner Bros. has their name on it.


This movie will give you a thirst for Halloween even in mid June. The way the movie connects different people in its story was beautifully done.


ALRIGHTY THEN! Letz get started. Trick r Treat picks up on every feeling you get from Halloween, the cryptic, awestruck stories left me wanting for more. The story about the bus of mentally challenged kids, the pack of werewolves (Very sexy by the way), the school principal with skeletons under his garden more then his closet., and the old man that hates Halloween. All these stories come together and give us an ending that leaves you cheering for more. Of course you can forget about the spirit of Halloween itself…Sam. Who kills anyone that doesnt celebrate Halloween as it should be celebrated.  So when Halloween swings around give out candy, dont blow out the Jack O’Lanterns, or pit away decorations until the night is over, if you want to live.
Watching this movie with my family has become a tradition in starting our October mischief. SO if you have not seen it I suggest you go out and get it before Sam come knocking at your door this coming  Halloween night.