Hi my name is Ben, I live in a Ghost Town located somewhere in Pennsylvania some people know it as “Hawley”. I am Pagan (for those who dont know what it means it means Im a  “Witch”) and I enjoy video games, writing, reading, drawing, music, and the occasionally downfall of my enemies. I love horror movies, i was practically raised on them. My favorites are “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and the “Scream” series. Im originally from Jersey City New Jersey and proud of it. Nothing these hicks say will ever make me feel different.
Im currently writting my own book entitled “RUN”, the details of it are in a safe at Area 51 so have fun getting those. I will blog probably once or twice a day depending on what goes on. Have fun, leave a comment or two I love that stuff.


me with purple hair, yeah thats right i killed Barney.


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