Being Different, Annoying The Shit Out Of People

Now one of the perks of living in a close minded town full of hicks is the fact that anything you do that they dont consider normal annoys the shit out of them. About two years ago, my senior year in high s school, my hair was a rainbow of colors. Blue, green, purple, pink, cotton candy pink, then black. So I was on a roll with my hair coloring. One day my mum decides to order take out from this crappy restaurant in our town name fluffs deli. Where you can find hair stuffed into your burgers and fries with a side of love…. Assholes. Anyway I went in to pick up the food and the owner with her big ass self rings up my order and starts up a conversation. She tells me how she always see me walking across her store with a different hair color everyday. Then she says this…..”Whenever I see you with a different hair color I think to myself, Oh Ben must have nothing better to do today.”
I laughed it off and thought wow you stupid fat loser……you must have nothing better to do then wonder what I do. I left that eating establishment with no intention of ever going back, and I haven’t. Its been about two and half weeks and my hair has been a light blonde and TODAY! I finally have my hair a light blonde that its basically turning white. Now when I go outside I parade across that restaurant and all the other hick establishments with a smile on my face to annoy. …..Gods it feels good to be me.


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