Halloween Movie List: INSIDIOUS

If your looking for a movie that will get you paranoid, make you fear a dark room or a narrow hallway, then INSIDIOUS is the one for you. I’m not one thats easily scared by horror movies, but dammit this one will do it to me everytime. Not only is the storyline of this movie freaky but the BGM they use in it will make you want to close your eyes.



INSIDIOUS a movie about a boy who by mistake gets his soul/spirit trapped in another dimension. This dimension is where restless, evil entities dwell and wait to take control over the boys body. Creepy faces and intense moments fill the atmosphere of the movie. Unexpecting screams and shadows will force a blanket over your head lol. I watched this movie with my two siblings and a friend in the dark, and may I just say I did not want to get up from my comfy spot on the counch hidden between two pillows. This movied will put a scare in you. I will not go into futher details because if you have not seen it and are still reading, I WILL NOT ruin this movie for you. INSIDIOUS is filled with scares that anyone will want this October, but be careful.Watching this movie alone or even in the dark with friends will seriously fuck with your mind. You’ve been warned


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