Halloween Movie List: OMG The Cabin In The Woods

Ok usually a group of friends going to some cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere leads to serial killers, flesh eating diseases or zombies.  In this case, dont judge a book by its cover.
The Cabin In The Woods is the most original scare film I’ve seen in a while.



Now Ive been waiting for this movie to finally come out and oh my fucking god! Its just beautiful, the story was phenomenal!  Whoever wrote it up is a fucking genius! The zombies wielding weapons were sweet, it made them more terrifying. I thought for sure when that girl was making out with that wolf head that it was going to start snapping at her face lol.
The fact that the “Fool” of the group was able to survive with the “Virgin” is crazy. The ending of it all was really a wtf moment, it seems that all at the same times humans began to not fear the monsters they were facing. Thus leading to no blood being spilled and evil gods rising from underground to end the world. I especially loved how these locations around the world all had the same thing going on. The Tokyo location was so funny, with the little asian girls freeing the evil ghost was a classic. When they found there way down to the control room with all those “mythical” monsters, I was sooooo into it. I knew all along that Unicorns were evil, and the Left For Dead Boomer was great! This movie will always be on my Halloween Movie List. If you have not seen it you must! It comes out on DVD Sept. 26 though some Cable providers have for early viewing. WATCH IT, for you will not be disappointed!


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