Soulcalibur’s Saving Grace “SoulCalibur VI”

Soulcalibur, a fighting game from Project Soul published by Namco has had its many ups and downs. With the last installment to the series (SCV) it looks like Namco has forgotten how precious this series is to thier company.  SoulCalibur has always been different due to the very robust women and sword play the games brings. 
SC till SCIV has stayed true to the series, without kicking beloved characters to the curb, and drastically changing gameplay. SCV changed everything, loved characters  Cassandra, Sophitia, Taki, Setsuka, Amy(Who is said to be newbie Viola), Talim, Rock, Yun-Seong, Seong Mi-Na, Xianghua and Zasalamel were removed from the roster with cheap or no replacements whatsoever.

Cassandra- Potroklos is said to resemble her fighting style

Sophitia- Pyrrah Omega’s resembles her style quite alot with more aggressive attacks.

Taki- replaced with Natsu who seems quicker.

Setsuka- replaced with Alpha Patroklos, but his style is a cheap copy of it.

Amy- one of my personal favorites was completely removed with no replacement. Its said newcomer Viola is actually Amy because of her physical appearance. Why dont you look at the similarities yourself, keep in mind SCIV(4) is set 15 years before SCV(5)




Viola SCV

Talim- No replacement

Rock- No replacement

Yun Seong- No replacement

Seong Mi-Na- Its said newcomer Xiba has some of Mi-Na and Yun moves but I haven’t seen it.

Xianghua- Daughter Leixia replaced her

Zasalamel- Sadly no replacement.

SCV was indeed a massive blow for the series. GI or Guard Impact was taken apart and made easier for new players to use. Though it made it annoying for veteran players to use. Character movesets were dumbed down. Stances were removed and some attacks dont even link together as in previous games. The character Ivy for example had her whip state and stance removed.

SoulCalibur VI

If anyone from Project Soul or Namco is reading this, please read carefully.

1- Bring back fan  favorites. I understand getting rid of clones like Rock, Mi-Na, and Cassandra but how about original characters like Zasalamel?

2- Repair GI, Guard Impact was meant for players that new how to use its properties. Removing how it use to work takes the fun out of a good match.

3-MORE single player modes. SC3 Is a great example of this. Revamp tje old Chronicles modeand you have it made.

4-Give characters their moves, stances, we have all come to love.

5- FINISH! Give us a finished story. We had characters in SCV that had no ending. It was a great story mode but the stories that were left unwritten really destroyed it.

So please Project Soul I beg you, make one more and this time complete something that we will all enjoy as a fanbase. Not just Tourney players.

Thank You.
Ben Perez


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