Horror has definitely come a long way, but the value of it is definitely going way down. As a child horror movies were part of my everyday life and still are, but the quality of the amount of work put into the production has decreased. I remember being a kid and having nightmares of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Though there was one movie in particular that got me for life.


“SCREAM” yes Scream, the movie that remade the horror genre. I actually didnt meet the Scream Franchise until “SCREAM 3”. While with my family pushing a cart into an old “BJ’s” store in Jersey the display case for Scream 3 caught my attention. I asked my mother to get it and she seemed reluctant at first but then declared it movie night and threw it into the cart.

SCREAM 2 Trailer


I was never so happy to see a movie. Watching “Scream 3” introduced me to the art of horror and of course Neve Campbell. I was hooked on the series since then, I made it my mission to watch the previous parts leading to part 3 and I eventually did.

SCREAM 3 Trailer


While growing up every opportunity I had to watch any of the parts I did. Then my sophomore year of high school rolled by and i decided to search up “SCREAM 4”. I jumped with excitement (while in biology class) as I read that Scream 4 was being written. I followed any info on it like a hawk. Then the day finally came, “SCRE4M” hit theaters and I couldnt be more excited. I was supposed to see it in theaters with a couple of friends but it disnt turn out to well. They felt Scream 4 wouldnt be entertaining. “The scream movies suck” as they would say. SCREAM 4 was awesome, I watched it well over 100 times in less then a month.
Then the worst happened, my CPU decided tl crash, thus losing my Scream 4 download. Today I continue to watch Scream and Scream 2, watching and listening for the words “SCREAM 5 in production”.

SCREAM 4 Trailer


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