Life Among The Living

Have you ever gotten that feeling of “Who am I? Where did I come from?” When you know exactly who you are and where you came from. Its not the feeling of loosing your memory, but the feeling of almost knowing something about yourself but not knowing exactly what it is. I have that feeling at the strangest times. I could be hanging out with friends or just by myself,  and suddenly I will zone out and I feel like Im the only person in the world that is actually a person. I end up asking myself “why am I here?” “What am I supposed to do?” Its a really creepy and uneasy feeling, and I will zone back into “reality” basically and continue on with whatever I was doing.
I feel like there is something we all have inside of us that connects to what we were in our past life. (If you believe in it, I know I do.) I feel as a person that I am meant to do something with my life, I feel like im not even among other humans at times. As of Im the only one breathing the air, maybe I am meant for something, the question is what. If you have ever had this kind of feeling please let me know so I am not the only one. (I know i cant be the only one.)


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