RUN preview 1

This is a preview from a book I am currently writing.


The smell of dirt filled my nose, rain drops hitting a window and thunder booming across the sky. The cool mist hitting my face is what woke me. I laid there on the bed wondering where I was, who saved me? I sat up and looked over towards my left and saw my black jeans, the “My Chemical Romance” shirt my mom had gotten for me the previous holiday season, and my snake skin boots. I then realized I was in my underwear, my first reaction was to jump off the bed, get dressed and leave ASAP. I walked by a dresser with a huge mirror, and something was really wrong.
My face….it was normal, after what had happened I knew it would be a mess. My face, chest and stomach were clean of briuses and wounds from the excessive kicking, punching, and stabbing the previous night. How? How can this be?
Deciding to get dressed as quickly as I can, one question lingered in my mind. “What happened to Lynn’s family?”. If anything happened to them for helping me I would probably go on a killing spree until I was caught by the “Chosen Ones” and let them do what they wish.
I struggled getting my boots on and couldnt stop thinking about my… my family, I prayed to the Gods they were safe. I closed my eyes and wiped away a tear that dared to roll down my cheek. I jammed my foot into my boot then something rattled my thoughts. I heard someone else’s thoughts but they were just mumbles. Someone else was in the room with me and I could feel them behind me. I clenched my fist ready to fight, then silence filled my head. Slowly standing up with only one boot on, with my body leaning more to the right side I gradually turned in, fear of what might be looking back at me. With my body turned I stood facing a dark corner, my mother always told me corners were where demon would hide so I was already freaking out. Unexpectedly the corner began to lighten up and my eyes focused on a pair of eyes staring back at me.

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