What a crock of shit. Its bad enough they make the fans wait about 4 yrs for this game, but the fact they gave us an incomplete game is SHIT! Dont get me wrong the gameplay is good, new characters Viola, Zwei, Pyrrah (Omega), Patroklos (Alpha), Elysium,Leixia, Natsu, and Xiba are pretty good.
It seems they decided to dumb down the gameplay alot though for new fans of the series.
IVY for starters was so badly nerfed I cried when I played her. Her stances are gone, and her moves are bland. Many characters from the past games have been destroyed. Can Namco redeem themselves with a SOULCALIBUR VI or will the series end with this final kick in the nuts? Only time will tell, I shall continue this rant soon, until then try out SCV for yourself. What do u think?




2 thoughts on “SOULCALIBUR V

  1. Lol, it’s ashamed that it was pretty hyped up over the summer last year, then we get this….all I can say is, the upper echelons of Namco need to allow Project Soul the time needed…it was also said that they were working on ‘low power’ mode which was understandable following last years tragedy in Japan…but dont say that and then let Tekken get treated royalty…BUT, recently, SCV’s DLC stopped….what could this mean?! Is it possible a new project is in the works?! Something more complete?! I really hope so…this would be in fact the beginning of a redeeming quality….but in the mean time, we work with what was given to us and try to have fun with it….

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