Drinking in the New Millennium

I just dont get why teenagers, even friends my age love the idea of drinking. I mean it does nothing for you, it wont make you smarter, nor good looking. It makes you look stupid, seriously the only guy that can drink and pull it off is Captain Jack Sparrow.
People especially in my town only go to partys where liquor will be served, oh and no dancing of course. I recently had a drink, it was Ciroc mixed with Pineapple juice and ice. That one cup got me so loopy, and I just hated it. I never wanted to vomit more, Though I couldnt. Now drinking is one of those things where it should only be allowed to loosen people up so the party can kickoff. It shouldnt be a thing where your shoving cups of it down your throat with shots of vodka. I dont know, maybe its me maybe I hate losing that much control of my body. I can honestly say binge drinking is definitely not in my future. Its wierd because Ive drank before and its never been that bad. Ive had other mixes and I can function pretty good, but Ciroc is not for me. Lol I have no idea what it is but its some strong shit.



2 thoughts on “Drinking in the New Millennium

  1. Not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic, it’s fair enough it’s not for you but for most people it’s just a cup of confidence. I know being a teen some don’t know when to stop, but the majority drink responsibly…

    • Yeah I totally agree, i have some wine every now and then to loosen up, but when you see people making complete fools of themselves it gets out of hand. Everything in Moderation.

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